The school motto “non nobis sed posteris” means “not for us but for those who are to come after us”.

                                                                             Lord Milner’s rural settlement policy after the Boer war of 1899-1902 lead to the founding of an
                                                                             English-speaking community at Settlers. The school started in January 1969 as the only
                                                                             English medium high school in the province offering an agricultural field of study.

                                                                             The first headmaster Mr. Bill Acres was here from 1950-1985. He was followed by Mr. Spike van Schalkwijk
                                                                             then Mr. Danie Steyn, Mr. Dennis Simons, Mrs. Jenny Escreet , Mr. Gerhard Viljoen,
                                                                             Mrs. Michelle Rootman (Acting) and then Mr. Christopher Mabunda.

                                                                             The residences which are named after the founder members from the farming community are
                                                                             Dolly Cleverdon, Tom Law and Brian Stone. Mr. Brian Stone is ninety plus and has retired to Bela Bela.
                                                                             The other residence is named after Margret Acres wife to Bill.

                                                                             Margret lives in Pretoria and is seventy plus. The badge that has an owl sitting on a plough symbolizes
                                                                             wisdom through effort and hard work or knowledge achieved through honest effort.

                                                                             The school motto “non nobis sed posteris” means “not for us but for those who are to come after us”.


Our Vision

To be the Leading Best Performing Institution of Choice in South Africa

Our Mission

Communicate and participate with parents, educators and learners.
Continuously develop and achieve academic excellence. Invest in
staff development and leadership through lifelong learning.Emphasise
participation in extra curricula activities. Increase investment in agricultural technology.

Our Values

Self – discipline,
Mutual Respect
















AS a Learner or SETTLERS AGRICULTURAL HIGH SCHOOL,I Pledge that i will

*  Accept tha the main reason for being in school                        
   is to learn and develop academically,
   socially and culturally

*.Adhere to school and residence rules Code of Conduct.

* Respect the legitimacy and authority of educators
  and other staff members.

* Participate in learners’ politics to safeguard
   learners’ interests which are within
   the laws of our country.

* Show respect to other learners and not
   to discriminate.

* If I am expelled from hostel/residence,
   automatically disqualified my hostel rights.

* Avoid anti-social behavior like Theft,
  Vandalism, Assault, Bullying,
  Sexual Harassment, Dealership,
  Alcohol and Drug Abuse, as well as other
  activities that disrupt the Learning Process 




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